Manners and Politeness

I don’t really understand why manners have fallen off the agenda of our education system, but I think it is a shame that they have. I blame my own generation: I think we have taken our eye off the ball and have undermined the importance of being polite to one another. Road rage, no win no fee legal action, or a feeling of ‘Am I bovvered?’ seems to have left our society with a selfish heart. We are going to do something to address this in our school, to draw a line in the sand. A ‘Politeness Week’ when we concentrate and re-focus our minds on what it takes to be polite and well mannered with one another, young or old. Why not join us?


2 thoughts on “Manners and Politeness

  1. At Dalton School JIN, Huddersfield, we have an Ethos Statement each week to promote social skills – good manners, respect, co-operation etc. We have a special assembly and each classroom has the statement displayed for the week. It is so important to teach our children the skills that seem to be lacking in our modern day society.

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