Ni Hao!

We happily claim that our school is ‘the school of the future for the learner of today’, but what exactly should the learning of today look like if it is to equip our children for their future? Someone recently asked, “Why do we keep talking about 21st century learning if all you give me to learn with are the tools of the 20th century?”. Which seems, in all honesty, a fair question. That conversation happened in the context of new technologies, but we might just as well ask about 21st versus 20th century pedagogy and curriculum content. Here, we have decided that the life skill of coaching is an important part of our whole school’s approach to improved performance, whether for young or old. Indeed there is a huge emphasis on pedagogy, quite rightly, when it comes to discussions surrounding 21st century learning. However, even in terms of curriculum content surely we should try to move in to the century we’re living in. Based on the understanding that China will soon become the largest English speaking country in the world, we are making our own effort to level the playing field by ensuring that our children learn Mandarin. Take a look at what we’re doing in the Youtube clip from Teachers TV below. Or better still, share your innovative ideas on this blog!


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