ICT Idol

I know, I know, many evils have their origin in TV, but I have found it difficult not to be entranced by American Idol on ITV2 (or ITV 2+1 as I always forget when it starts). If, like me, you think Adam Lambert REALLY SHOULD HAVE WON, then the finale broadcast tonight must have been something of a frustrating disappointment. But, ‘yo, dog, listen up babe’ – that’s life isn’t it? Contrary to the Philosophy of Life according to Abba, the winner does not always take it all. The word in the US is already that Adam is destined for more greatness than Kriss. Odd to find that in a country whose athletes have always said first is everywhere and second is nowhere. What an interesting dynamic though: No.2 misses the popular vote but in shock reaction garners massive public support that would have secured the win had it materialised on time.

Being a bloke I can’t help resist doing the whole list thing. You know, top ten records (vinyl discs for those of you born long after I had left school), top 5 countries to visit, top 3 reasons to avoid doing the washing up. Sadder still are those of us (you know who you are) who delight in portable apps (best download portal remarkably imaginatively titled portableapps.com) and busily form their top 10 portable apps list. Still, I have long since worried about being sad (do you know someone asked me this week what colour my hair was when I had some…), so here is my top 5 list of ICT must haves for the shortly to be announced ICT Idol starring Neil Hopkin wearing his trousers more than a little too highly hitched:

1. Keynote – if you have to use powerpoint this is simply much better

2. Prezi – now charging but knocks keynote and powerpoint in to a cocked hat

3. Xtranormal – get in to the whole TV studio thing: scripting, camera angles, expressions, the whole deal

4. Ning – walled garden version of facebook but your LA will ban it because they are totally clueless about how to educate for safe internet use (best Stephen Heppell quote ‘You wouldn’t stop your child from swimming until they were 15 and then throw them from the end of the pier…’)

5. Twitter / LinkedIn – get networking for professional step-ups, come on!


One thought on “ICT Idol

  1. Can I lobby for no.6? Have been having a lot of fun with Fliggo recently (http://www.fliggo.com), a bit like Ning but a build-your-own video sharing site. Excellent for hosting videos for embedding in blogs.

    PS Not sure that it will generate much revenue for them so it may not be around forever!

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