MA in New Technologies and Twitter

It is, it turns out, a funny old world. I am an old dog, but I have learned a new trick: Twitter reaches the parts that other networks cannot reach. The MA that we are running in New Technologies, Educational Leadership and Innovation from October ’09 in conjunction with Warwick University was filling steadily by word of mouth. However, by tweeting it, we have had lots of interest from educators all around the country and the world!

Not only am I thrilled to find so many people hungry to move their academic understanding of new technologies onward, I am also thrilled to see Twitter work so effectively and so quickly to help create a real-life new learning community.

For those of you interested, HANDBOOK 09-10 is the course outline. Drop me a line if you’re interested or twitter me @neilhopkin


One thought on “MA in New Technologies and Twitter

  1. This is just great! I have been looking for an MA that covers new tech rather than a simple ‘MA in Education’ I shall be looking at this further! Loving the innovative thinking!!


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