2nd Life and Education

Check out Leon Cych’s website and blog for some top quality discussion and reflection on new technologies in education. Leon talks a lot about 2nd Life and includes an interview with Peter Twining about the Schome Park Project. He raises some interesting points about the nature of virtual space for learning. Of course, for those of us involved in primary/elementary education the frustration around 2nd Life is that our children are too young to legitimately use it or Teen Second Life. Is there a primary version? I don’t know, but we’re on the search… My SSAT colleague Dave Broadfield also draws our attention to Eduism and 3B village for virtual learning spaces, which for schools like ours which are a long way down the credit-crunched BSF wish list, may be just the ticket for a virtual makeover! So let me know if you have found a primary life space.


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