Some (ICT) thing for nothing?

You know you’re getting old when… well when you’re getting old really. Thank goodness for young, enthusiastic teachers and all the new insights they bring. My soon-to-be colleague Oliver Quinlan told me about this inexpensive way of turning any screen into a multi-touch interactive screen, any table in to an interactive table and any LCD display in to a graphic tablet. Okay, it may not wok in every environment, but it will in some and it stands as evidence to lively minds that will not let the unaffordability of top of the range technology stand in the way of innovation. Now, let me go and lie down…


2 thoughts on “Some (ICT) thing for nothing?

  1. Thanks Neil, although I just found it, credit has to go to Johhny Chung Lee (for coming up with it. He’s done some amazing projects with the Wii ( ). I’ve ordered the bits to make the pens so will see how well it works…

    We had a play with using the Wii Remotes for music performance at one point, you can control studio software with them just by waving your arms about. They are amazing bits of hardware!

    I can imagine some good uses for this using Google Earth and a table…

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