MA in New Technologies starts as we all should mean to go on…

The MA in New Technologies at Robin Hood School in conjunction with the University of Warwick started last week. From a personal perspective, I had hoped that running this course at our school would be a way of encouraging interest and high level reflection of next practice amongst some of my colleagues. However, I couPicture 1ldn’t have dared to imagine the impact that even this first day would have. Over half of the teaching staff here at Robin Hood School are enrolled on the course and have been joined by a similar number from around the UK and Australia. There was an instant buzz about the subject matter and subsequent exchanges on the course’s ning site and twitter have sustained that interest. As colleagues swap ideas that they have employed in class using google docs, wallwisher, voicethread and etherpad, the forum created has been glowing red hot with activity. To be clear, our school is very tech-savvy, but in this course we have stumbled across a new way of invigorating exploration in to practical Web 2.0 tools for use in the classroom. Why amPicture 2 I surprised, after all, we all know that if we raise our expectations of children then they will strive to reach those new heights. It turns out that adult learners are just the same. I am proud and lucky to be working with such enthusiastic thinkers and educators. If you want to join us, drop me a line.

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