SSAT and iNET – make global learning work for your school

This term is my final one at Robin Hood School and consequently will be punctuated by reflections upon what has worked well during my tenure here. One of the most satisfying introductions has been the innovative approach to negotiated learning that we have pioneered here: it really has moved the school’s agenda of independent learning on and empowers the children to start creating their own curriculum content, whilst enabling the teacher still to monitor the vehicle of those studies. Since there is nothing new in the world, we needed to find some inspirational schools to help us form our vision, but there was no one in the UK attempting this innovation at the level we aspired towards, so how to find the best role models?

That is where the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust and iNET (International Network for Educational Transformation) stepped in. They linked us up to Esme Capp and Wooranna Park school, and following that inspirational link there was no looking back. If you need an international link based not on country/ethnicity/similar interests (as is often the defining feature of other international school match-making), but on global leadership of education then the SSAT and iNET are well worth investigating.

At a personal level, I benefited enormously from conversations with a consultant (and former leading UK headteacher), Steve Hall, who now runs his own consultancy focusing on, amongst other aspects of personalised learning, international collaboration.

Here is a brief introduction to how it all worked for us.


2 thoughts on “SSAT and iNET – make global learning work for your school

  1. Really interesting to see the process behind this Neil. I look forward to reading your reflections on what you have done at Robin Hood.

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