Giving Life to Your Pictures

Classroom blogs are a powerful way of communicating with global and local neighbours. On the launch of our blogs, parents showed their approval of the initiative and that has really encouraged us:

“The class blogs have been a brilliant addition for us to know what the children have been doing – well done!”

“Many reports to date have largely been summaries of what the children have been doing, but that isn’t really necessary now with the very helpful blogs.”

“If we can communicate a bit more about what our children are learning throughout the year, the reports won’t have to try to cram everything in – things like the class blogs are a great idea to help this.”

“The new blogs are great!”

So, when we are sharing what we have been learning in school, we often find that pictures really help bring to life our 9-3 experiences. Video is of course great for this, but often we just want to show a series of pictures. Here are some great slideshow applications that make this possible!

Top 10 Sites for Creating Slide Shows

  1. Kizoa – Creates beautiful looking slide shows, w/ a variety of music, effects, transitions to choose from.
  2. Shwup – Great site for creating private collaborative slide shows w/ a number of admin features, such as the ability to allow comments.
  3. Photo Peach – Very unique site that allows users to create quizzes in their slide show through multiple choice questions.
  4. Animoto – One of the most popular sites around w/ an educational instance – nuff said.
  5. Slideroll – A very nice site site that allows the user to make private or allow comments.
  6. Flixtime – Easy to use site where a user uploads photos and selects audio and transitions and then gets a code to embed into their site.
  7. One True Media – Great site to create animated slide shows w/ video.
  8. PhotoSnack – Very user friendly site w/ a drag & drop interface.
  9. – Create flash based slide shows and get an embed code to put it on a site.
  10. Vuvox – An excellent site for creating beautiful looking multimedia slide shows.

One thought on “Giving Life to Your Pictures

  1. Thanks for sharing all those slideshow tools. As I’m sure you know I couldn’t agree more with your thoughts on class blogs. One area your quotes don’t mention is the possibility of a very wide, even international audience. My class are still getting so much out of sharing and reflecting on their work with people commenting from across the world. With a bit of promotion over channels such as twitter and commenting on other classes blogs any class could have an international audience.

    Please could you let us have a link to your class blogs so our pupils can make yet another meaningful connection.

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