New technologies in the new curriculum review

The 2011 K-12 Horizon Report has been published recently, surveying the terrain for new technologies in education over the next few years. I spoke recently about this report at the ICT register conference at the University of Loughborough ICT Strategy the next 4 years. We might be forgiven for believing that New Technologies had disappeared off the governmental radar in recent months with its absence from the headline big four of English, Maths, Science and Sport. However, Secretary of State Michael Gove reminded us of the importance of new technologies in no uncertain terms in his recent speech to the Royal Society. This high level recognition of the changing learning landscape around us is very welcome, as is the launch of a new SLICT-style CPD programme by Connected Learning and IET Associates, check it out. However, for those of us involved in delivering learning experiences in school, we recognise that our vision could and should extend even further. We look forward to what the new academic term here in England may bring.


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