Broken Britain? What is broken in our schools and how should we fix it?

This summer’s recent events of civil unrest across the UK have been disturbing for many in London. The political rhetoric surrounding ‘broken Britain’ has left us with as many questions as answers. But what exactly is the nature of brokenness, what nuances are there to this word that we should understand, lest in our rush to fix the broken society we accidentally ‘fix’ the wrong thing?

In thispresentation, Broken Britain? Sept 2011, I suggest that in fact, rather than denying our brokenness, we should be embracing the purposeful re-shaping, re-making and re-setting of our schools’ philosophies and pedagogies as we seek to refine our model for the very best education.


2 thoughts on “Broken Britain? What is broken in our schools and how should we fix it?

  1. I saw same problems over the world. Even my daughter don’t like to go to the school. There she learn only because I ask that. I saw in many countries young generations don’t like how they study. For that I want to do something, to move the world. We can do that ourselves because of the internet and new technologies. Myself I didn’t liked educational system from 6 years old.
    I’ll try to learn how to teach and I want to teach in my style. I think in a very near future students need to choose easier theyr teachers, theyr jobs, so on. We can talk more about that. I believe that educational system like in nowadays need to deseapear. I don’t liked it in the past and in the present. I hope that teachers in the universities, schools will change very very fast points of views.
    See you soon!

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