Design Thinking

We have been thinking quite a lot about how children learn. As a statement that may appear surprising. Surely, I hear you ask, schools think about that all the time? Well, perhaps they should, but sadly all too often, they do not. That is not schools’ fault or school leaders’ fault. We are inundated with tasks and administration that often seem to serve simply to distract us from our core purpose: to develop learners.

However, we have put a lot of effort in to thinking exactly what great learning should look like in our school. You can read about our philosophy in the document ‘How we learn what we learn’, which we published to some acclaim at the start of this academic year (Professor Stephen Heppell, no less, urged his twitter followers to “Stop. Read this.”)

In particular we have been exploring the ‘Design Thinking’ process with Ewan McIntosh and Tom Barrett of No Tosh and Ewan describes something of the exploration in this video clip, delivered at the SSAT National Conference 2012, in Liverpool.


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