The Sunday Times Festival of Education 2014

If you ever have the opportunity, I would urge you to attend the Sunday Times Festival of Education. Not only will you have the opportunity to drink in the sumptuous surroundings of Wellington College, one of England’s finest independent schools, but you will also be able to feed on the wide ranging views and opinions of education that do not always see the light of day at other conferences. It would be fair to say that ‘EduFest’, as it is known, does not necessarily boast the most obvious line up of leadership-inspiring speakers that one or two other events offer, such as the CfBT/NAHT/ASCL conference (which was also excellent and as held just one week earlier). However, the line up is nonetheless eye-catching as it is perhaps a little more subversive, tangential, even unpredictable and therefore just as stimulating as more conventional programmes. Perhaps because of this, it offers a more open-minded, stimulating environment for thinking and reflecting upon the possibilities for schools that are restless in the pursuit of excellence in all that hey do.

The irrepressible Russell Prue, of Anderton Tiger Radio, provided the official Festival Radio again this year and interviewed me during the first day. You can hear the interview here or on Russell’s sound cloud.

Part 1: Using Radio

Screen Shot 2014-06-21 at 14.06.05


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