A truly engaging whiteboard

Here at my school we have been doing some ground breaking work on Project Based Learning. Our version is a unique combination of Design Thinking,  aspects of traditional project based learning and Australia’s Negotiated Learning.

At a previous school, I had worked with the photography company Ward-Hendry to produce the now famous ‘Hotboard’. However, as my thinking on Project Based Learning developed, we found in my present school that the Hotboard did not quite meet our needs for supporting pedagogy. It was still a fantastic way of facilitating interactive display, but we wanted it to live up to the Australian notion of the classroom as a third teacher, and it could not do that.

Cue the brilliant team at Ward-Hendry. Once again we had a concept meeting, discussing what we wanted to achieve in terms of enabling flexible thinking and learning, for children of all ages. We wanted a tool that was not ‘technological’ but which could enable engagement of the highest order, allowing children to annotate, adapt and revise their ideas, sharing their thinking in a collaborative way, without losing the need for neat, clean visual attributes.

They created for us the ‘Engagement Hotboard’. It is now, quite simply, an essential part of each and everyone of our classrooms. Take a look at it below and then get one for your classroom. It will change the way that you, and the children you teach, think.


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