Creating great learning opportunities for life: just do it!


A much loved Chair of Governors once said to me, “ You only have one speed – fast!”. She and I both knew that that was exactly what our school improvement plan needed, so all was well. Of course, I am much more nuanced than that and some decisions, processes or results are very definitely ‘slow-cook’ creations. However, there is more than an element of truth to what she said.

I have been reflecting recently on what that sense of urgency which informs so much of my professional (and personal) life is all about. As ever, the wonderful Sir Ken Robinson is able to speak his grounded wisdom in to this quest and the video clip below sums up neatly what it would take others a long time to express.

It may be my age, but time seems to move so quickly nowadays and I am very aware that as a school leader I do not have long to make a lasting impression upon children’s lives, and that the time they spend at school is vital to giving them the tools to make great choices throughout the rest of their life. There is no excuse for not taking the quickest route possible to securing great outcomes for children and young adults, after all, that is what we came into education to do, isn’t it? To that end, Sir Ken’s exhortation to live life and, quite simply, to get on with it, is not only inspirational it is also crucial.

As Nike implores, just do it!


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